posted on Feb 28, 2018

Firestarter Community Magazine #3

Firestarter Community Magazine #3

by Spiridon Giannakis |

The last article posted for the Firestarter site was of the same kind as this one. The announcement for the new edition of the magazine was in October and a lot has happened since then. Obviously the focus was on improving the print product which made the content of the website take a step back. More about this later. Right now I am happy to share this new edition of the mag with all of you and present the content, which is a great substitute for the parts that the partnering events got in the previous mags. So this is the first Firestarter Mag that will be available at more than one event and therefore has the highest rotation yet. The first mag had 400 copies, the second 1500 and number three now has 5000 copies with 184 pages each (160 for the last one).

The events where THIS mag will be available are IAMC (Paris), Playgrounds Blend (Breda), Nordic Game (Malmö), IFCC (Zagreb) and Non Stop (Barcelona). Besides you will be able to order your copy online under the „Get the Mag“ section as soon as the prints arrive. There will be a free version for the mag online which informs you mostly about the events without a big focus on the articles and interviews. You will be able to get this version by subscribing to the newsletter, as usual. For 5€ you will be able to download the full mag through our Gumroad account. Included in this full edition is a coupon for the Wacom Marketplace which gives you 20% off. You can get the free trial version of the mag by registering for the newsletter. Or get the full version with all articles and events through this button:

Get FSM#3

News about the website

There are exciting things happening (at least from my perspective) like the constant growth and opening of the content to organisers of all kinds of events. We have improved the categories and added a few so that now also exhibitions, award shows and conventions (in case they are relevant for artists and designers) appear in the calendar. Besides that it will be easier for everybody to contribute articles if they are authorised to post them. This also brought up the comment option for all the content on the page. And most importantly: we enabled user accounts to make it easier for all of you to subscribe to the events, stay informed about their news and also to interact with each other. New features will be implemented soon which will make it easier to get closer as a community and interact more effectively with your network.

If you are someone who likes to write about his experience in the industry and have something to share, reach out and I will check out the content you can provide. I am always looking for new authors who don’t want their insights to be lost in the vastness of Facebook posts but actually have something to say that people can find. Firestarter is no place for tutorials though. Also, if you are an organiser, or know one, and manage any kind of event that is relevant for creatives, please reach out and let’s talk! And finally, if you want to advertise in the mag so that companies and attendees on events around the world see what you have to offer, write me (



  • Lois `Loish` van Baarle


  • Iris Compiet by Veronica Sofia Nitu - portrait Pauline Voß
  • Johnson Ting by Diego Gisbert Llorenc - portrait by Daniel M. Chavez
  • Stéphane Wootha Richard by Craig Gomes - portrait Daniel Bolling Walsh
  • Geoffrey Ernault by Veronica Sofia Nitu - portrait by Kev Chan


  • Simone Mändl/Spelkollektivet – portrait by Ayran Oberto
  • Cristian Chihaia/Firecast – portrait by Even Mehl Amundsen


  • Dan LuVisi – portrait by Jomaro Kindred
  • Almu Redondo – portrait by Lalanda Hruschka
  • Steven Corman – portrait by Aleksandar Ignatov
  • Sebastien Hue – portrait by Marco Wulfr
  • Mark Molnar – portrait by Halil Ural


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