posted on Sep 15, 2017

The Fantastic Workshop

The Fantastic Workshop

by Spiridon Giannakis |

Most of you know, but how many of you know the fantastic workshop? Peter Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal have brought a workshop to life that will help you answer your business questions just as much as your questions about creativity and technique. For four days, starting November the 15th, you will be close with likeminded people and create art together while you are also learning new aspects about business, even if you are already a professional.

The lineup of instructors is just as fantastic:

  • Allen Williams
  • NEN Chang
  • ┬áJasmine Becket Griffith
  • Annie Stegg
  • Vanessa Lemen
  • ┬áJustin Gerard
  • Ron Lemen
  • L. Rush
  • Sean Murray
  • Kelly McKernan
  • Sam Flegal
  • Peter Mohrbacher

These instructors will provide you with their experience and perspective. The signups end in a week so hurry!


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