posted on Oct 08, 2017

Firestarter Mag #2

Firestarter Mag #2

by Spiridon Giannakis |

A day ago I came back from Playgrounds 2017 – The Art Department, the event that hosted the second issue of the Firestarter Community Magazine. 1.500 copies were given to the attendees and now it is time to upload what I have been working on for the past months and make it available to everyone.

In case that this is the first time you ever read about this, maybe in a shared post on social media or on the door of a public toilet, this magazine and the supportive website you just visit are about experience. It gathers 15 events, lectures and interviews to share the speaker’s knowledge also with the people who weren’t able to attend the specific event to hear it. I am trying to make the magazine better with each issue and your feedback is necessary to achieve that. But also it is necessary to help me out by pointing out events in the creative industry, so I get into contact with them and more people get the chance to visit it. I know of cases where people were traveling through 3 countries to get to an event, not realizing there was one in a city of their own country, 3 hours away. There are lectures who don’t even end up on the speaker’s blog, simply because they don’t have one, so that one time they were giving people crucial insight was the only time this was available. Besides that the Firestarter website will gather reviews to the events, promote useful marketplaces and resources, and also provide a calendar which you can download on your phone to stay up-to-date. All this is improving, and the possibilities to make this project more efficient grow with the people who realize its potential and want to help. So if you can think of a way to make this work better, please reach out to me.

As we speak there are changes happening and things been set into motion. The first stream of the Firestarter Talk was produced at the Playgrounds Festival and you can check it out on YouTube. I already learned a lot with this first approach and the next one will have better sound. Also I try to bring physical copies of the magazine to as many events as possible (if they want them of course) and for the attendees it will always remain for free, just like the downloadable version. Besides that you will be able to order a limited amount of physical copies which will be sent out to you. Sadly this makes a framework necessary that cannot offer the service for free, so besides the shipping I will have to charge a very small fee. If that is not an option for you, I still stay true to my word that I gave you guys on the stage of the IFCC 2017: The magazine will always be free. Just download the PDF and you have all the information on your tablet, your desktop or mobile phone.

I want to use this paragraph to thank the team of Playgrounds and all the organizers of the events who supported me with content so Firestarter is able to support them too. Special thanks to all the people who reached out and offered their help. Also thanks to WACOM for sponsoring the magazine and believing in the project. Without all of you, this would not work.

More updates very soon. Exciting times are coming




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