posted on Jul 09, 2019

Artillery Art Awards

Artillery Art Awards

by Nastya Norway

Grafit studio & Artillery event are proud to announce  the first Artillery Art Awards

This year you have a chance to become the first to get the AAA figure and put your name on it.

* Category * 

This year we accept your artworks for the category Digital Illustration. 

All the info and submission form is at the website

* Unique prize *

Materials: gold, bronze, stone 

It took about a year to design and roughly 6 months to sculpt and finalize the AAA figure. Moreover, the winner gets 1000 EUR cash prize.

The main idea for the figure is artist’s hand and the metaphor of transformations that a creator is going through while creating art. 

Every figure will be made specifically for the Award winner and will have a name on it, as well as sculptor’s stamp and foundry mark.  

Sculptor: Vladimir Brodarsky, St petersburg Imperial academy of Arts graduate. Art director: Lev Boyko, co-founder of Grafit studio

* Outstanding Jury * 

Feng Zhu, Karla Ortiz, Greg Rutkowski, Even Mehl Amundsen, Piotr Jablonski - to name the few.  Your favourite CG artists are going to see and pick your art. Fingers crossed, they put your name in lights! 

The ceremony will be held at the Artillery 4th Shot on August 31 , 2019 

What are you waiting for?

Follow the link and submit

You can get your ticket to the event here, too.

Onward, to the neverending glory!


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