posted on Feb 13, 2019

Firestarter Magazine #6

Firestarter Magazine #6

by Spiridon Giannakis |

With number six of this product we end the tradition of printing magazines twice a year. The next edition will be printed annually and come out in August. There are many reasons for this but the most important ones are that it is really tough to get the information for the upcoming events when most of them just ended a few months ago, and also we can assure that way that there is no recycled information in it. So all the event news, and all the dates etc will be new and brought together in one mag that has everything you need to. We will keep publishing the monthly magazines of course, so get ready for the Match edition. You can get the mags here at one of the platforms of your desire. 

Most projects like a magazine or any news platform are launched from a team, and I came to realize that this was for a good reason. As the workload gets bigger with the upcoming tasks, the monthly magazine, maintaining the network, the news, finding sponsors, ... it is time to bring more people into this. I am building a team that helps me and shares the workload. There will be a couple of announcements in the next weeks and we will also say a bit more about the special edition of the magazine which is made for the Lightbox Expo in the USA, specifically with relevant content and handed out to the attendees of this new event. 

Enjoy the new cover by Wardenlight Studios (Jessica Rossier and Bastien Grivet) fully made in Procreate on an iPad.


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