posted on Jan 04, 2019

Our first monthly digital mag is out!

Firestarter Magazine #5

by Spiridon Giannakis |

The first monthly edition of Firestarter has just been published and you can download it on Patreon, Gumroad and Cubebrush. All these marketplaces can be reached through here so don't hesitate to check it out!

An important step in this project, meaning for me personally a really big deal, especially because of the commitment I make with this. Here you can see the fantastic cover of the NEW monthly Firestarter Magazine made by Lucia Massucco showing one of our authors Andrew Mar. Additional 10 mags every year with new kinds of content, and emphasis on community and promotion of all the Firestarters that make it so special. Thanks to Ahmed Ahmed Salah Hamouda Andrew Mar Anna Anuschka Folz Björn Hurri Bram Sels Cristian Chihaia Dominik Derow Even Mehl Amundsen Flo Tasser Gary Laib Hebron Gusti Julian del Rey Lucia Massucco Sal V Cloak Sterling Hundley Sven Sauer Tatiana Rogers Vincent Ménier Courtney Trowbridge and many many more.

In the next days there will be more infos, like upcoming categories of content, and in the meantime you can check out the new video that I made. Yeah, I either can spend my time doing these mags or to improve my video skills. Guess what I chose to do haha.


So very soon you will see more about Firestarter. We will add several more topics in time, like crafting/cosplay, tool reviews, movie and game credit lists with art-dumps, hobbies of your most beloved designers and artists, explaining unfamiliar jobs in the industry, a job section, legal advice Q&A, school features, studio features, travel guides for artists and much more.

Be a Firestarter, either as a supporter or a contributor, and see what the community can do for you, and you for the community.


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