posted on Aug 29, 2018

New tickets and new discounts!

New tickets and new discounts!

by Spiridon Giannakis |

It is about to happen. In a little less than a month I will be traveling to THU in Malta. From there I will be flying to Promised Land in Poland and from there again a flight to Eindhoven where Playgrounds The Art Department is happening. I will be on the road for 13 days, meeting old and new friends and talking to talents and influencers about the community and all the topics that will be brought up. Besides the talks and panels I will be watching and holding, I will surely have the time to chat with the readers of the mag and hopefully get more feedback about it. I am looking forward to meet you all, so please don't hesitate to reach out and speak with me. We live in exciting times so make sure to share them with people you like to surround yourself with and tell all your friends about the power of events and networking!

Tickets and Discounts on Patreon

As a supporter of the authors of the magazine you get the chance to win tickets to THU, OFF Vienna and Playgrounds and get discounts for the last two of these. All you have to be is a 5$-Tier-Patron and all you have to do is comment on the post. Here are the links:

THU Ticket

OFFF Vienna Ticket and Discount

Playgrounds The Art Department Ticket and Discount


Make sure that you don't miss the deadline of the contest "Desert Warriors" with Björn Hurri as judge.

We have several updates on the Forum, like pinned posts, lightboxes and much more. You can check them all out in the notifications.

Check out the newest additions on our YouTube channel, like the first Pyrecast with the host Cristian Chihaia and Björn Hurri as our guest.

See you in a month! Don't be a stranger!



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