posted on Aug 14, 2018

Pierangelo Boog's Art Book

Pierangelo Boog's Art Book

by Isis Sousa |

Pierangelo Boog is an illustrator from Switzerland, who does beautiful Pinup Art, and other styles of illustration. He does specially characters and portraits in an impressive array of techniques, both traditional and digital.

In the 88 pages of this beautiful art book (which has an introduction by great Michael Kaluta) you find pencil drawings, oil paintings, digital paintings done in ArtRage, and other techniques such as watercolors and inks. The edition is a glossy hard cover and the interior has also a glossy finish. There are no sketches in this book, only portfolio and editorial pieces. They are for the most sensual PinUps, but there are a few male characters. Some of the artworks are adorned with beautiful nature elements, such as plants and wildlife. Some of the works have an old school style, in the likes of Frazetta.

This is more like a coffee-table book, where the pages are basically images - it has no text past the introduction or foreword.

Angelo masters both human and animal anatomy, color palettes and use of lighting in a level that few can. So I highly recommend that you add his products to your art collection if you haven’t done so already. This book is for those who enjoy collecting art. If you're looking to learn more about his technique or tips, this may not be an option for you.

As the artist quotes at the first page: "As few words as possible to give art room to breathe."

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