posted on May 24, 2018

Wacom’s The Next Level Creative Competition

Wacom's Next Level

by Spiridon Giannakis |

With only one week to go to take part in Wacom’s The Next Level Creative Competition they are calling creatives to submit their digital art. Participants have the chance to showcase their work alongside 6 featured artists from around the world at exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Portland and select cities in Europe (UK, France, Germany). The contest which originally started in Australia is now in its third year and is evolving into a real global event.

The competition is already underway and entries close Thursday 31stof May.

If you think this could be interesting for your friends and followers, we would be very happy if you shared this in your network. You may refer to the posts on our social media channels or the competition website for more information.






Entering the competition is easy:

1. Create an amazing and original piece of digital artwork using a Wacom product

2. Upload it onto Instagram tagging @wacom @wacomanz @justanotheragency

3. Hashtag your design with #wacomnextlevel

Note: participants are welcome to submit anydigitalart they have previously created, artworks do not have to be created specifically for this competition. They do however have to be original works for which the artist holds copyright.


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