posted on Apr 08, 2018

WORLDS - Raphael Lacoste

WORLDS - Raphael Lacoste

by Isis Sousa |

If you have played Assassin’s Creed you may know him as Brand Art Director for this franchise. If you haven’t played the games but are into digital art, you know Lacoste as one of the most respected digital artists out there. He has worked as Art Director at Ubisoft and has also as matte painter and concept artist at the film industry.

We can start this review by the cover, which is packed with a beautiful slipcase showcasing a painting in bluish tones and a dash of reds, bringing the art collector into a world both novel and familiar. The book design/layout and art direction is done by Brent Ashe, Art Director and Graphic Designer who have worked with Warner Bros, ArtStation, Marvel, Konami and more. And I can say that the whole project looks fresh and elegant.

When you open the book you read a foreword by Ian McQue and an introduction by Sparth. The content is divided into 6 sessions: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Assassin’s Creed, Book Covers, Sketches and Tutorials.

The Art: It’s needless to say that Raphael masters composition, lighting and color with such a finesse that few do. The title for this book couldn’t be more apt, since each painting takes us to a whole new world or era or story. When you look at each picture you can breathe the air of each unique place and heard the sounds, feel the temperature and the breeze. You look at the shapes and silhouettes, at the harmony of the composition and the palettes to be greeted by a consistent sense of aesthetics and the love the artist pours into his creations. ‘Beautiful’ is one word I would use to describe the visions Raphael shares with us, the other is ‘discovery’, as the more I look at the paintings, the more I want to discover and be part of that universe.

I hope you have enjoyed traveling through Raphael’s paintings and exquisite color palettes as much as I did. His book is highly recommended for any serious art collector. You can find exclusively for sale at


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